10 Top most Find My Device Alternatives in 2022

Find My Device Alternatives trackers have become an extra not unusual place nowadays; that is because, in this contemporary era, many human beings use their gadgets extra often.

It brings protection issues Because I am certain each person desires to defend their circle of relatives from any harm. We have to use the proper cellular tracker app so that we can discover a person each time we need to.

So, that’s why we need to expose you to our listing of pleasant loose cellular tracker apps that will help you select which one will be the maximum appropriate for you.

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Find My Device Alternatives:

AppRateHighlightFree Version
AirDroid Mobile Tracker9.5Track real-time location
Monitor mobile surrounding
Show kid’s live screen
Up to 14 days
Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracking9.3Monitor online activity
Call recording
Available with limited features
CocoSpy Mobile Phone Tracker9.2GPS Tracking
Record website history
Only Demo available
FlexiSPY Mobile Tracker App9.1Remote camera
Listen to live calls
Only Demo available
Glympse Mobile Tracking9.0Location sharingFree Trail for Business
Phone GPS Tracker8.9Share location with friends
Easy to track lost phone
Spyic Mobile Location Tracker8.8Call and SMS track
Track website history
Only Demo Available
Where’s My Droid8.7Auto theft detection
Remote device lock and wipe
Available with limited features
FamiSafe Mobile Tracking8.6Geofencing
Track TikTok history
3 Days
Life 360 Family Tracker8.5Location sharing
Driving safety alerts
Available with limited features

10 Top most Find My Device Alternatives Tracking

AirDroid Mobile Tracker

AirDroid Parental Control is likewise a cellular tracker that lets customers preserve tune in to their Android gadgets remotely. 

With AirDroid Mobile Tracker, real-time GPS monitoring helps you to recognize wherein your circle of relatives and pals are located.

You can see their specific area on a map and obtain real-time updates approximately their status. T

The app additionally lets you tune your kids via way of means of putting in a geofence region around them and receiving the spontaneous indicators every time they pass that region. 

AirDroid Mobile Tracker

Some key functions are indexed below:

  • Track your smartphone’s GPS area stay, the report places records
  • Get on-the-spontaneous indicators whilst your children are leaving or coming into a secure quarter with the geofencing characteristic.
  • Remotely watch and listen to children’s surroundings
  • Monitor online sports with display screen mirroring and sync app notifications
  • Block particular apps out of your children, then you could screen which app your children use maximum via way of means of yourself.

Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracking: Find My Device Alternatives

Hoverwatch cellular telecellsmartphone monitoring is a loose cellular Find My Device Alternatives tracker that you could use on any android tool.

Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracking: Find My Device Alternatives

It has many functions, which include monitoring Find My Device Alternatives, however, it additionally has a few others like:

  • Stealth mode method it is not obvious which you’re monitoring the telecellsmartphone
  • The app statistics name, so you will recognize approximately everything.
  • If a telecellsmartphone’s been stolen, you could tune it, its screen, who is the usage of it, telecellsmartphone name logs, textual content messages, and social media hobby in real-time.
  • Detect sim alternate characteristic will warn you if a person else adjustments their sim card on your kid’s cellular telecellsmartphone or tablet.

CocoSpy Mobile Phone Tracker

CocoSpy is a cellular monitoring software program that lets you tune the area of your circle of relatives contributors and personnel. It additionally helps you to screen their name logs and messages. 

Then CocoSpy is one of the maximum famous Find My Device Alternatives tracker apps for Android and iPhone, and it has many functions, which include monitoring telephones.

CocoSpy Mobile Phone Tracker

It additionally has many different functions:

  • Spy on WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or some other social media accounts
  • Track telecellsmartphone area with GPS monitoring
  • Geofence indicators
  • Stealth mode Track telecellsmartphone net records

FlexiSPY Mobile Tracker App: Find My Device Alternatives

FlexiSPY is a superior cellular monitoring software program that helps you to screen any Android or iPhone tool. Then FlexiSPY is a loose cellular tracker app that tracks telephones with a precise area.

FlexiSPY Mobile Tracker App: Find My Device Alternatives

It works with Android and iOS and has many functions:

  • You can concentrate on your surrounding with a cellular mic from a far-flung area.
  • GPS monitoring
  • Listen to stay calls
  • Android keylogger to tune passwords and greater.
  • Spy on contacts and get admission to cameras from far-flung places.

Glympse Mobile Tracking: Find My Device Alternatives

Glympse is an Android and iOS app that lets customers proportion their modern area with pals and their circle of relatives. So, it’s like different area-sharing apps. 

Glympse Mobile Tracking: Find My Device Alternatives

however, Glympse has numerous particular functions that make it stick out from the crowd.

  • The first component you will note approximately Glympse is its clean use. Open the app and select “Share My Location.” 
  • You can set the period of your shared area (1 hour, three hours, etc.). 
  • So, no sign-up is needed to apply for this app.

Phone GPS Tracker: Find My Device Alternatives

Phone GPS Tracker is a loose cellular tracker app that tracks telephones and stocks stay places. The app runs on Android and iOS and is a loose app. The app lets you tune any Find My Device Alternatives in real-time, discover it on the map, see its remaining recognized area, and proportion your area with pals.

Phone GPS Tracker: Find My Device Alternatives

Some key functions

  • The app makes use of GPS satellites to discover your tool and mobile towers to decide the tool’s modern position. 
  • If the tool is offline or there aren’t any connections to be had, the Phone GPS Tracker will display a circle across the tool’s remaining recognized area till it’s miles lower back online again; 
  • In this manner, the consumer can get a few concepts of wherein their tool is becoming whilst dropping connectivity.

Spyic Mobile Location Tracker

Spyic is an effective however clean-to-use cellular Find My Device Alternatives monitoring software program that can assist screen your kids, personnel, or all of us else the usage of the goal telecellsmartphone.

You can without difficulty set up it on any android and iOS telecellsmartphone within mins of the goal tool. The exceptional component is that it runs silently withinside the background, so the consumer will by no means recognize they’re being tracked.

It additionally helps you to screen all sports, which includes calls, SMS messages, GPS area records, social media hobbies, and plenty greater. 

Spyic Mobile Location Tracker

Some highlighting functions are;

  • Call and SMS tune
  • Social media monitoring
  • Stealth modeTrack internet records
  • Track SIM area

Where’s My Droid: Find My Device Alternatives

Where’s My Droid is a loose and clean-to-use app that could customers preserve tune in their telephones. The app may be utilized by all of us, whether or not you are an Android novice or a strong consumer. Where’s My Droid is an exceptional manner to tune your misplaced or stolen telecellsmartphone.

Then the app makes use of GPS monitoring to locate the precise area of your tool. So, you can install GPS monitoring manually or routinely via geofencing. 

Where’s My Droid will ship you a notification whenever your Find My Device Alternatives enters or leaves a particular region (geofence). In addition to monitoring places.

Where's My Droid: Find My Device Alternatives

Where’s My Droid additionally has numerous different functions:

  • Geofencing
  • Motion alarm
  • Location records
  • Nearby Wi-FiAuto robbery detectionRemote tool lock and wipe

FamiSafe Mobile Tracking App

The FamiSafe Mobile Tracking app is evolved via way of means of being dependent on skilled builders. Because the app works on Android and iPhone.

Then FamiSafe is an excellent parental manipulation app that enables you to tune your kid’s area, test their telecellsmartphone utilization records, and block any apps or video games you do now no longer need them to play.

FamiSafe Mobile Tracking App

FamiSafe is a cellular tracker app that has particular functions:

  • Geofencing
  • App utilization records
  • Screen time restrictions
  • Blocking any apps or video games
  • Web filtering

Life 360 Family Tracker

Life 360 Family Tracker

Life360 Family Tracker lets you tune the area of your circle of relative contributors. So, it is a loose app that may be used on Android and iPhone gadgets.

So, it has many functions, consisting of growing its circle of relatives circle, getting notified approximately locations wherein different own circles of relatives contributors have been, riding protection indicators, and greater.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Tracker for Free

There are many distinct cellular tracker apps to be had online. Then the maximum vital component to remember whilst selecting a cellular tracker is that you want to ensure the app is 100% working.

Many apps fee for their offerings and do now no longer offer so you have the entire capability of monitoring your tool. Because we have examined numerous distinct cellular trackers and features to provide you with our pinnacle 10 listing of exceptional ones.

Therefore are many loose cellular monitoring apps withinside the marketplace which you could use to tune your tool. However, now no longer these kinds of apps provide dependable providers and functions.

How to Choose the Best Mobile Tracker for Free

We examined some famous apps in real-time at the same time as maintaining in thoughts the following:

  • Customer guide
  • Pricing
  • Features and updates
  • Interactive interface
  • Refund policy
  • Free functions

Why Should You Buy a Phone Tracker App?

Then many human beings are searching for an app that can assist them to tune their cherished ones (children, spouses, etc.) But or personnel at any time and anywhere.

They have a lot of motives for tracking a person’s cellular Find My Device Alternatives, however, there are a few principal motives you can purchase one for yourself.

Why Should You Buy a Phone Tracker App?

The builders want a variety of time and assets to broaden and replace a program. So loose apps commonly have restricted capabilities or might not replace for a protracted time.

Some of the apps upload masses of advertisements so that the builders get paid, at the same time as it isn’t pleasant for customers.

Besides, customers can’t get well-timed customer service or maybe no guide at no cost program. Data on loose apps are greater clean to permit out.


The exceptional manner to recognize whether or not a monitoring app is profitable is if it’s miles dependable or now no longer. It would not rely on how characteristic-wealthy an app can also additionally be;

If it fails in its number one characteristic of monitoring a telecellsmartphone, then what is the point? Furthermore, the listing above has given you a perception of the cellular tracker marketplace and the alternatives to be had.

Luckily, this type of app will quickly come to be your so go-to preference whilst you want to tune a telecellsmartphone.

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