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If you want to look at the Snap Story Viewer, there are several ways to do so.But, if you do not need to be busy with the guide approach of viewing Snapchat memories, you could attempt the usage of some of the Snapchat tale viewer equipment to be had online to view Snapchat memories. 

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Therefore are a few devices on which you want to have a Snapchat username, and that device will let you view the tale online anonymously. So, these are known as secret agent equipment. 
But, I’ve indexed some of that equipment that you could use to view someone else’s Snapchat memories out of your cell.

1. Phantom Snapchat

This software is a changed version of then the authentic Snapchat. It is supported by means of iOS gadgets (iPhones) in addition to Android phones. But this is one of the exceptional-modified Snapchat apps that you can use to overcome the limitations imposed by the original Snapchat.Overcome all boundaries and revel in restricting Snapchat with Snapchat+or Snapchat Phantom. 


  • The unique capabilities that Snapchat ++ or Snapchat Phantom gives its customers are: 
  • You can effortlessly download all of the pictures, films, and boomerangs to the inner garage of your device and keep them inside the gallery. 
  • It allows you to mute customers whose memories or posts you aren’t interested in viewing. 
  • It allows customers to disable keeping gestures. 
  • It has an auto-saving characteristic that lets customers routinely keep snapshots and films. 
  • Do not tap the keep button, as you did when using the genuine Snapchat software.
  • It allows customers to secretly view Snap memories.

How to use: 

To use Snapchat + for your tool,

1: first visit your iPhone settings and tap on “Battery” to make certain “Low Power Mode” is off. 
2: Then visit “General” and tap on “Background App Refresh” to affirm that WiFi and cellular data have been selected.
4: Open your browser and search for Google Snapchat ++ to install it.
5: Tap ‘Start Injection’ to download the app. 
6: You can now watch the story anonymously and he won’t recognise it.

2. TheTruthSpy Snap Story Viewer

Further, It is a secret agent app that lets customers keep an eye on different customers without permitting them to recognise that they’re spying on them. So, this app is supported by means of Android and iPhone gadgets, which you could use to look at the Story.

TheTruthSpy Snap Story Viewer

Features: Snap Story Viewer

  • It allows customers to view incoming and outgoing Snapchat calls. 
  • Also, test out Snapchat messages, which might be routinely delete. 
  • TheTruthSpy is a secret agent name recorder. 
  • It allows customers to display Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and different apps. 
  • TheTruthSpy secret agent app helps you to secretly view memories on Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

How to use:

1: Before downloading the app, make certain you disable the subsequent Play Protect via means of starting your Play Store, after which faucet for your profile >> Play Protect >> faucet at the tools icon, after which Disable. 
2: To use TheTruthSpy on your cell phone, you must first download the device onto your device.
3: You will see a pop-up that such an app can harm your device. Tap ‘OK’. 
4: Tap ‘Settings’ from the Chrome popup, after which toggle ‘Allow from this supply’. 
5: Tap the set up button to put in the app for your tool. 
6: Enable all settings of the ‘TheTruthSpy’ app and supply all permissions asked via the app.

3. Cocospy Snap Story Viewer

Then the Cocospi is one of the outstanding espionage apps. So, it may be use as a Snapchat espionage device in an effort to permit customers to view their memories anonymously without telling others. This software is well suited for iOS gadgets in addition to Android gadgets and ensures 100% affetti.

Cocospy Snap Story Viewer


  • supported by means of iPhone and Android cellular phones. The 100% stable platform lets customers get admission to hobbies and information remotely. 
  • It allows monitoring of messages, names, areas etc. 
  • Customers get limitless access to all Snapchat sports, inclusive of viewing memories, sending and receiving messages, snap shots, and films. 
  • In addition to Snapchat, it lets customers access different social media systems, which include Instagram and Facebook. 

How to use: 

1: To use Cocospi to view Snapchat memories in person, 
2: First, you must download and set up Cocospy for your tool. 
3: Create an account at Cocospy to sign on. 
4: Provide all of the vital records asked for, which connect with a goal tool. 
5: The second you understand it, you can begin monitoring.

4. mSpy Snap Story Viewer

Therefore, mSpy is one of the most popular and widely used secret agent applications. So, this app presents you with a platform that helps you study the sports of your youngsters or employees. Because using social media systems like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you could remotely get admission to all their smartphone sports. 

mSpy Snap Story Viewer

Features:Snap Story Viewer

  • It allows monitoring of all incoming and outgoing calls, so inclusive of period and caller records. 
  • It supports systems like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • Snapchat allows you to secretly view memories, then view messages that are routinely delete, and actually keep snapshots and films on your device without having to tap the “keep” button.
  • mSpy provides access to the music section.

How to use:

1: Create an account via means of tapping ‘Try Now’ at the reliable internet site. 
2: Pick a subscription that works for you and your budget.You will receive an email concerning the Set up procedure. 
3: Download and install the tool’s app.
4: Log in with your credentials and play the Snapchat games you need to play.

5. SpyFone 

Then you can download the SypFone app from the App Store or from the reliable internet site So, this is an free-to-download app that helps you manage the sports of your youngsters and loved ones. Once of the unique capabilities is that it lets customers secretly view the Snapchat hobbies of others.

Features: Snap Story Viewer

  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices.
  • Monitor social media activity. 
  • It can play music, GPS location, make calls, and run various apps.
  • Having a private management panel will display your hobby.

How to use:

Before you download the app, visit Phone Settings >> Security >> or Permit Unknown Resources for your cellular device. 
Go to Google Settings> Security> Toggle Off from an unknown supply, after which test your tool for safety threats. 
1 Step: Go to a reliable internet site to download and setup then the SpyFone app for your device. 
2 Step: So, sign in or create an account after downloading and installing the app. 
3 Step: Then the relaunch the app and log in using your certificate. 
Moreover, begin spying on the usage of the SpyFone app.

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