The bob badge in fnf Rp: How to get

The bob badge in Fnf Rp: Roblox offers extensive 3-D research that clients can create, many of which may be clear copies of diverse titles. Friday Night Funk Roleplay helps you to rap in the match with your foes. So how do you get the Bob Badge for FNFRP? Griffey HQ created FNFRP, a Friday Night Finking Roleplaying Game.

Griffey HQ created FNFRP, a hobby that shall we customers play more than one symbol from the game or its mods on custom-designed maps based totally on the precise joy. It is the same as the top-notch mark and works precisely. Game enthusiasts must use the arrow keys to move in sync with the recorded music to score points. FNFRP offers many thriller badges, inclusive of 1 for Bob the evil.

The bob badge in fnf rp

  • To get the Bob Badge, you may want to open your Roblox and release the FNFRP.
  • Once the sport has loaded, you may teleport from the Lobby to Corn farm.
  • There is a path right here that you want to observe and get to the barn.
  • At the barn, you may see construction within the proper nook.

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  • If you’ve got the structure visible, take a left until you attain the quiet of the farm.
  • At this point, click on the indication to download The flower at the back of a rock on the floor, and that’s all.
  • Now skip via the foyer again.
  • Walk via the course of the Bob Badge.
  • Bob, click on the button proven, and your individual could be converted into an evil god.

That’s the last step, and you may now play Bob on FNFRP.

4 Steps to get bob badge in fnf rp

1) Go to the Friday Night Funkin’ RP institution on Steam.

2) Join a recreation that is presently in progress, or begin your own recreation.

3) Play the sport and feature fun!

4) Once you’ve earned sufficient points, you’ll be offered the bob badge.

Tips and tricks:

There are some matters you may do to attempt to get an excessive rating in FRIDAY NIGHT FUNK ROLEPLAY: – Play as frequently as viable to grow your probability of having an excessive rating

  • Practice the game so that you recognize what you’re doing,
  • Try to get as many bonuses as viable
  • Play with buddies and own circle of relatives to look who can get the very best rating.


Friday Night Funk is a musical rhythm sport created through ninjamuffin99. The sport is ready for the beat of famous songs, and gamers should press the arrow keys in time with the music. The sport has been performed by tens of thousands and thousands of human beings worldwide and has become a favorite way to spend unfastened time.

In Friday Night Funkin’, there are some specific approaches to earn factors. One manner is to hit the arrow keys in time with the music. Another way is to accumulate bonuses that seem on the screen. The participant with the maximum factors on the give up of the tune wins the round.

The bob badge is a coveted award in Friday Night Funkin’. To earn it, you should be the pinnacle scorer in a game. This manual will train you on the way to get the bob badge in Friday Night Funkin’.

  • Join a sport presently in progress or begin your sport.
  • Play the sport and feature fun!
  • Once you’ve earned sufficient factors, you’ll be offered the bob badge.

These are the maximum, not unusual place Friday Night Funk Roleplay questions


The Bob badge is a treasured commodity in the sport of FRIDAY NIGHT FUNK ROLEPLAY. While it can be tough to obtain, the rewards for doing so are well worth the effort. You can also upload the Bob badge to your collection with touch, perseverance, and a little luck. I wish this manual became helpful. If you’ve got some other questions on the sport or experience unfastened, answer them within the feedback phase below.

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