5 Best Zillow Alternative At A Glance

Zillow is one of the maximum famous internet site list systems that boast the maximum listings and visitors as compared to Zillow Alternative. However, different list internet site options also can assist boom your exposure, goal area of interest audiences, and offer extra capabilities that Zillow cannot.

We’ve researched nearly a dozen list websites to decide the six excellent Zillow options primarily based totally on cost, list and marketing, and marketing capabilities, integrations, and customer service options.

  • Realtor.com: Best for actual property dealers searching out more than one channel of customer service
  • Trulia: A most low-priced opportunity for marketing and marketing pricing structure
  • Homes.com: Recommended for actual property experts who need to obtain leads from unfastened unique listings
  • Homesnap: The excellent platform for dealers to manipulate their listings and marketing and marketing from their cellular phone
  • RealtyTrac: Top list platform for experts who paintings with distressed houses

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5 Best Zillow Alternatives


Realtor.com is one of the few actual property Websites that permit actual property Retailers to promote it for lead generation and control and Marketplace their Listings Simultaneously. With a couple of Capabilities to be had at the actual property Platform, it’s useful to Retailers to have a couple of help channels for any problems which can arise.

They may also touch help thru stay chat, phone, or email. Realtor.com additionally has prolonged hours of help now no longer restricted to simply commercial Enterprise hours.

Similar to Zillow Alternative, Realtor.com has one of the better month-to-month seek volumes at 27.4 million Searches a month as compared to Zillow at 34.8 million.


Realtor.com Features:

  • Customized advertisements displayed on seek results
  • Detailed reporting on list performance
  • Listing presentation tools
  • Options for global publicity
  • Listing publicity on over 750 actual property websites

Trulia: Zillow Alternative

Trulia is a Residential actual property seek engine that Zillow Alternative bought in 2015. As a subsidiary of Zillow, Trulia carries a whole lot of equal Capabilities and Capabilities besides its pricing shape. While Zillow’s pricing is Primarily based totally on ZIP codes, Trulia’s pricing is on a Cost-per-lead basis.

The Trulia pricing shape affords obvious costs, in place of a version Primarily based totally on region and impressions, this means that you may nonetheless pay a price even in case you don’t get hold of any leads at all.

Similar to Zillow, if sellers would like their listings to feed into Trulia, then they need to use a Companion web page to feed to Trulia. Their Companions include ListHub.net, Point2Agent.com, and Vflyer.com, to call a few.

Similarly, sellers also can edit a few Quantities in their listings thru their agent profile. Otherwise, they’ll want to edit the list from wherein the list feed is Originating from.

Trulia: Zillow Alternative

Trulia Features:

  • Agents can add list of videos
  • Client opinions on agent profile
  • Trulia presents electronic mail scripts
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Customer courting management (CRM) integration
  • Available social media integrations


Homes.com offers a platform to the marketplace for each income and condo listing and gets the listings to feed thru your nearby MLS. It calls for an agent to create a profile to say their listings, comparable to claiming listings on Zillow. 

We named Homes.com the Satisfactory actual property internet site for Retailers to get hold of loose one-of-a-kind leads due to the fact all leads Inquiring approximately your one-of-a-kind listings can be despatched immediately to you instead of different Retailers.

Other opportunity listing sites, like Zillow Alternative Premier Agent, permit different buyer’s Retailers to market their touch statistics on some other agents’ one-of-a-kind listings.


Homes.com Features:

  • Pulls in listings from neighborhood MLS
  • Free profile on Homes.com
  • Available instructional programs, together with webinars and events
  • The available month-to-month fee calculator
  • Home Values offer assets valuations
  • Agent critiques immediately on profiles

Homesnap: Zillow Alternative

Homesnap is one of the few Cellular-handiest actual property systems for sellers and searching for what you offer and sellers. It lets actual property Specialists control their commercial enterprise via a cellular utility and could acquire any list of questions and inquiries right away to their phone.

Leads Obtained via Homesnap are Unfastened for the sellers. However, a paid expert plan Consists of extra Capabilities like profile Optimization, Computerized posts, and Evaluation management.

Zillow’s Premier Agent version is Primarily based totally on Purchasing commercials positioned after different sellers’ listings, while with Homesnap, there aren’t any pop-ups or competing advertisements in your list.

The platform is treasured by sellers who have been a hit in Acquiring their very own listings, so different sellers can not advantage of your efforts by purchasing an extra advertisement.

Homesnap: Zillow Alternative

Homesnap Features:

  • Pulls in a list from MLS feeds a “protection time” feature
  • Listing signals for the brand new list and fee changes
  • Ability to music transactions with seasoned account
  • Can create similar marketplace evaluation document on a phone
  • Homesnap Showings allows agenda and control showings

RealtyTrac: Zillow Alternative

RealtyTrac is usually centered in the distressed assets Marketplace that Consists of Foreclosures, houses on auction, and Bank-owned residences. Brokerages and Marketers who select to be Cognizance of their actual property niche on those sorts of Residences can Leverage the audience in this web page to higher Marketplace their listings.

Although the month-to-month seek extent is low in Comparison to Zillow Alternative. The target market that lands on this actual property web page are greater. Centered than different Websites that still consist of leases and standard residences for sale.

The target market can range from actual property Marketers. Searching out Listings to Creditors to people searching out a funding asset.

RealtyTrac: Zillow Alternative

RealtyTrac Features:

  • Foreclosure seek widget may be introduced to websites
  • Largest database of foreclosures and distressed properties
  • Daily updates on auctions
  • Off-marketplace offer available
  • Unlimited stored searches500 month-to-month assets downloads

How We Evaluated the Top Zillow Alternatives

Selecting a pleasant actual property internet site to market your Listings is important to generate leads and fulfill your vendor clients. Although Zillow is the maximum Trafficked list internet site. Zillow Competitors have Affordable pricing, can attain your area of interest audience, and offer additional aid than Zillow can.

We ’ve evaluated their pricing, Features, and Integrations. Then taken into Consideration beyond Consumer Critiques to Perceive. Which web page is the most pleasant opportunity to list and Marketplace your Listings.

With a 4.26 out of five scores, we’ve Selected Realtor.com because of the pleasant Zillow Alternative. It has a Truthful pricing shape that Consists of a flat Marketing. Also Marketing rate Alongside Marketing and Marketing expenses that vary with the aid of using ZIP code.

Then the platform has the very best Month-to-month seek Quantity out of the six Zillow competitions evaluated. Realtor.com additionally has actual property advertising and marketing equipment to assist retailers to sell their logo and list’s exposure.

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